Elaine Grievson

Elaine Grievson is a fully qualified Leadership coach, mentor and accredited mediator. Elaine has worked internationally, USA and in the Middle East for semi government and various sectors in roles as head of talent Management and HR business management.

Qualified as a Civil and Commercial Mediator with the Society of Mediators 281Strand London. Her experience spans more than 30 years which has given her a wealth of knowledge and people skills.

For the past 15 years worked in mediating solutions in demanding workplaces, challenging social, multi national and economic environments, conflict resolutions, critical staffing cases, crisis management, one to one cases and is registered with IMNR to support and meet the needs of those looking to achieve a suitable resolution.

A passionate advocate in supporting people to achieve a common goal.  As an expert in people management has patience, tenacity and strength in supporting others to gain the best result and achieve for all a best solution.

Currently looking at co-mediation but very happy to work in sole mediation to give clients the best choices and a balanced consolidation of services.

Registering with CMC to offer a variety of Mediation services.

Outside of Mediation and coaching Elaine is also recognized for her International presentations and speaking career as a speaker and voice over coach. Loves to travel and always looking to help people, share her experiences and support others

Currently Elaine lives in the North East of England but happy to travel when required.