Terms of Business

Ways of Working

  1. We undertake to respond to initial enquiries with 10 working days.
  2. We undertake to request documentation within 10 working days of receiving a signed ‘Form of Authority’.
  3. We undertake to provide a screening report within 15 working days of receiving all necessary documentation.   The cost of a screening report is £1200, based on a synopsis of not more than 50 pages.  The cost of arranging for a synopsis of all the documentation that is provided will vary depending on the extent of the documentation and is likely to be in the region of £300.  
  4. For Part 35 compliant reports all documents sent to experts are indexed and paginated.  The cost of this is in the region of £500 and is in addition to the cost of the report.  A synopsis of all documents can be included at an additional cost.  We send to expert witnesses indexed and paginated documentation for a Part 35 compliant report within 21 working days of the documentation being received by the medical record collators.
  5. The cost of Part 35 compliant reports is based on an hourly charge of £350.
  6. Signed confirmation in writing/email that the above terms of business are accepted must be sent before any work is undertaken.
  7. All litigants in person will be required to provide full prepayment on account before any work is undertaken.  If asked to start within 14 days a waiver for the 14 day “cooling off period” must be signed.
  8. This contract is governed by the Laws of England whatever the jurisdiction of the case.
  9. A Declaration of Interest will be included in all Reports. The name of the expert witness who has been instructed will be disclosed before any work is undertaken.  If during the course of the case an expert witness identifies a potential conflict of interest, there will be no fee raised and an alternative expert will be sought.
  10. A non-binding estimate of potential costs is provided on request but is not binding.
  11. Instructing solicitors or companies must use their best endeavours to give full instructions and also to supply all necessary records and information in relation to the claim and or court proceedings, including relevant medical personnel and occupational health records – two weeks prior to any consultation, in order to allow time to prepare the consultation and examination.
  12. All medical records will be reviewed in detail as part of the report.
  13. All notes records and papers will be shredded at the conclusion of the case unless their return is requested in writing.
  14. Copies of the instructions, the report, and invoices will be kept for 10 years.
  15. All Reports and other documents will be sent by email only unless a request is made for paper copies.


No charge is made for initial telephone discussions and emails with solicitors concerning potential instructions.

Fees for attendance at Court.

£2,000 per day plus travel expenses and accommodation, if necessary.   Travelling time for Court Appearances or case conferences is charged at half the hourly rate.

Cancellation charges

For cancellation within 2 working days of a requirement to attend Court 100% of the fee (£2,000) will be charged. 

For cancellation between 5 and 2 working days 50% (£1,00) of the expected fee will be charged. 

On receipt of instructions and the medical files, and having received a signed copy of this letter, all the material provided will be sent to Medical Records Collation to be indexed and paginated.  After this, experts will be sent documents electronically or in paper form.  In cases where an instruction is issued but then subsequently cancelled, for whatever reason, the instructing party will be liable for any fees incurred in the preparatory work to date.

Fees for non-attendance of appointments

If a claimant fails to attend an appointment or else cancels an appointment with insufficient notice to allow for an appointment for another patient to be allocated, the right to charge a fee equivalent to the time lost (one hour at £350.00) is reserved at the discretion of the consultant. The cost of wasted room rental and travel may also be charged in such cases.

Refunds and waivers

Fees are not subject to a refund or waiver in whole or in part in the event of disallowance or reduction on the Court’s assessment for costs and fees or refusal by the funding, paying or contributing party/firm to pay in full, part or at all.

Payment of fees

Fee Notes  must be settled prior to a report being released unless prior an alternative payment date has been agreed in advance. Intellectual property rights of a report remain with IMNR until an account has been settled. 

IMNR reserves the right to share a report with any other party.

IMNR will charge interest on unpaid fees.  Interest will be charged at the County Court rate of 8% per annum pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 or 2% above the bank of England base rate from time to time (whichever is greater).

In the case of transfer of the case to another set of solicitors, payment must be made prior to transfer. 

Joint instructions/Part 35 questions

In the event of joint instructions or questions raised by a non-instructing party under Part 35 CPR, fee liability is joint and several.

Acceptance of Terms

A copy of this letter of Agreement should be signed by the authorised person from the instructing party and submitted electronically prior to the beginning of any work being undertaken.
You can draw a signature using a mouse, or your finger on a touch device