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One third of the 10,000 patients a year who pursue a claim for medical negligence receive no compensation.    This is often because they have been wrongly advised at the outset. Nevertheless, they are locked into a stressful  and lengthy process that often stretches over three, four or more years. IMNR has a network of experienced doctors, mediators, solicitors and those committed to alternative dispute resolution who can  offer advice. IMNR will always be:





Independent Medical Negligence Resolution (IMNR) has been established to arrange for patients who believe that they have been injured:

  • An Apology when indicated
  • An Explanation
  • Compensation when appropriate
  • Rapid closure

The current system of medical litigation does not offer any of these.

IMNR will arrange for cases to be  reviewed by senior medical experts.  With the evidence from the reports of experts the IMNR team will  be in  a position to offer advice to patients, healthcare trusts, lawyers and healthcare insurers (including NHSR).

It is IMNR policy to explore the potential for mediation as the first option.   The  IMNR panel includes  experienced mediators with a medical background and others who approach mediation from a non-medical perspective.

If no agreement can be reached at mediation IMNR, has experienced legal advisors who can be brought in

The House of Commons Select Committee on Health & Social Services  published its report on ’NHS Litigation Reform’ on 28 April 2022.  There was no medical input to the oral evidence presented to any of the three meetings.  Here is a more comprehensive overview presented by Mr Hugh Whitfield at a Webinar hosted by St Mark’s Hospital.

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